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ILSM Scheduled In December at The Bingo Gaming Centre

December 2021

Independent Living,

Charitable Gaming Association of Valley East (CGAVE) has completed the December schedule. PLEASE NOTE: for now, the schedule will be done on a month-to-month basis due to uncertainties.

December 2021 Schedule – Please note the dates and times that your group is scheduled to be at the gaming centre. The time slots have been broken down to either 2hrs and 15mins OR 2-hour assignments. There will be no accumulation of time meaning the assignments whether 2.25 or 2 hours will be paid in full at each monthly disbursement. CGAVE took into consideration that due to the limitations of the volunteers’ responsibilities that it would be best to not have back-to-back time slots, and no more than one assignment per week.

It is important to keep in mind that the volunteers are not there only for the bingo sessions but instead they are there for Delta hours of operation (10 AM – 11 PM) as we are assisting staff with COVID protocols put in place.

COVID-19 – Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) and partners are allowing only one (1) volunteer in the centre beginning November 1st however this will come with some restrictions until further notice. Please note that due to uncertainties and government decisions this could be changed at a moment's notice. We will keep you informed of any upcoming changes that MAY happen.

Volunteer Responsibilities – volunteers are to be fully vaccinated and as mandated by our provincial government the volunteer will require to show proof of vaccination and ID before entering the building.

  • Organizations will be responsible to ensure that the volunteer has fully (RE)read the AODA documents before attending their first assignment. (Confirmation form attached and to be emailed to Nathalie)

  • Volunteers will be required to be in ‘Dress Code’ as laid out in the Policies and Standards for Charities (p.10-11)

  • The volunteer is to assist staff where needed at the lobby doors. Volunteers will be greeting the patrons, possibly assisting with checking of vaccination and ID, asking related COVID questions…etc.

We look forward to seeing and working with you!


Charitable Gaming Association of Valley East


2914 Unit 1, Hwy 69 North, Val Caron, ON P3N 1E3

Phone: (705) 897-3060 ext. : 229 Fax: (705)897-1844


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