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Reminder about the Annual General Meeting of ILSM

You can make amazing things happen!

Join us for the Annual General Meeting on Zoom on February 16, 2022 at 6 PM.

We need your input, come learn about our draft strategic plan! Sign up today by emailing us at or calling 705-675-2121. More information will be provided later, so stay tuned!

Kind Regards,

Robert DiMeglio

Executive Director

Marginalized and underserved Canadians have been especially burdened by the pandemic, and they have relied on us for guidance and support throughout this time of immense hardship. This has only been possible because of the incredible amount of dedication my colleagues, volunteers and members show every day. Furthermore, the donations we receive from individuals like yourself, make our work possible. Amid the uncertainty, fear, and panic-and as we have adjusted to our new normal-we have supported our community every step of the way. The value and impact of this Charitable local, community-based work cannot be understated. Thriving, healthy communities are the building blocks for a better society - and your Tax-deductible donation is needed today as our daily requests out way the supports we can offer at this time.

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