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Mike Hyde's Transponders Book 33 lawrven




Also known as the Future Combat Systems. The book has an incredible amount of information on the history and development of the technology. I have a new batch of updates for my website and I’d like to share them with you today. The first thing you may notice is the new look and layout of my site. It’s cleaner and I’ve put all of the information you want, including updates, content and information on my own books in a central location. I’m always looking to improve the site, to make it easier to use, to get to the information I’m looking for and to make it more appealing to you, the reader. The second thing you may notice is that I’ve completely revamped the text for the website. I’ve added new images, I’ve re-edited all of my old content and I’ve added new updates. Here’s just a few of the things that have been added since I last blogged: New updated content for “Your Turn” — “Inside the Mind of a Behavioral Psychologist” Fingerprinting — A new article, written by a professional fingerprint examiner, about the ins and outs of fingerprinting The Robot — A completely new piece of equipment and the first new article in a while Model Shadow — The book has been updated with over fifty new images In addition to new content I have, I’ve made some changes to the site layout that will hopefully make it more user friendly. I’m hoping that the updated look will make the site easier to navigate and use, that way you’ll be able to find the information you want and then get on with the business of reading books and getting them into your hands. As always, I welcome your comments and input. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find this site useful. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I’m working on a new book and I’ve been thinking about a title for the book. I know it’s a bit early but I’d like to get some feedback from you, the reader. I’ve been considering the phrase “Our Turn”, which is the title of one of my previous books. I know that some people don’t like the phrase, and it’s




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Mike Hyde's Transponders Book 33 lawrven

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