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Videos can be played in a playlist or in a card view. Android and iPad are supported. Additional features and support for Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are in the works. "We are excited to have been selected to be one of the four finalists of the Hackathon contest for one of the most anticipated technologies of 2014, the mobile virtual reality (VR) headset. We look forward to it,” says Carlos, developer of Screevr. “Our idea is to use the IPTV-streaming technology available today to get rid of the current limitations of the technology and propose a solution that makes it possible to really experience the different features available on the mobile phone or tablet. We have been working on this technology for the last four months and we are so excited that we can show it to the public now!” What is VR? Virtual Reality is a technology that lets you create a "virtual world" inside your own home. VR takes your smartphone or tablet and puts it inside a head mounted display, similar to the Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard. Your phone or tablet becomes a window on a different world. You can sit on a couch in your living room and watch a movie, shoot virtual games of golf or simply have fun floating in a virtual reality theater. With the HTC Vive, you can even travel to other worlds! Why is it important? Virtual Reality is growing rapidly and I believe that its future is bright. Now more than ever, we have access to a vast number of options to enjoy video content. There are, however, still many limitations when it comes to the available options. Most of the content is accessed through devices which are not portable, and the ones that are portable are quite expensive. It is a fact that mobile phones and tablets are increasing in popularity, but these are not able to access the full functionality of the content that is available on traditional TV. What did you come up with? We have been working on this technology for the last four months and we are so excited that we can show it to the public now!” What is IPTV? In his keynote, David at LoonLift referenced IPTV as the single largest opportunity for convergence between mobile, desktop, and TV. In the keynote, he took a tour of the different projects and products that can be used to make this a reality.




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Stbemulatorprocrackediphone jamiber

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