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The Independent Living of Sudbury Manitoulin (ILSM) provides those with disabilities the tools to succeed and achieve independence in their lives. Our non-profit organization offers programs and activities that are available to the members, essentially to provide them with information, awareness and education. ILSM is a place for members to spend time together, and learn new skills. Whether the members are working on computers, knitting, watching TV or supporting one another, our center provides them with all the resources they need.

ILSM runs effectively because of the dedication of our over 300 members and the active role they take in determining our services and programs. Since our founding, we have been able to increase our funding to approximately $500,000. We now have a full-time staff and an elected board of directors of ten committed community leaders. Our priority is our membership. We regularly meet with our members to help determine policy and programming for the center, we are always seeking innovative new ideas to apply in Greater Sudbury. As we expand, a major focus for ILSM will be in accessing increased funding. Past community funding initiatives such as raffles and bingo provided us with modest operating revenue, but as the center grows and as our programs and services expand, our need for sustained funding is increasing. In the coming months, we will be seeking further grant funding from both the public and private sectors.


The Independent Living movement is founded on the right of people with disabilities to live with dignity in their chosen community, participate in all aspects of their life and control and make decisions about their own life.

Our Mission

We want to make a lasting difference in the lives of people with disabilities. We foster an environment based on the Independent Living philosophy of self-determination & self-management; an environment where "everyone belongs." We support individuals with disabilities through peer-support, education, leadership to encourage personal development, independence, and self-determination.

Man with Amputee Girlfriend on Beach
Our Mission
Girl with Arms Stretched Out

Our Vision

To enhance the vitality of our community by supporting the continued independence of people with disabilities and to encourage the pursuit of innovative projects alongside our community partners.

The Independent Living movement developed alongside the student movement at University of California Berkeley in the late 1960's. Independent Living was established in Canada in the early 1970's with the introduction of the Independent Living philosophy by Gerben Dejong, and developed through collaboration between the Canadian Customer Movement and the Coalition of the Provincial Organization of the Handicapped (now known as the Council of Canadians with Disabilities).


We Need Your Support Today!

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