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Our Exclusive Services

Over 25,000 people in Sudbury live with a disability. Independent Living is about the right to choose in an inclusive community. We support programs and services that promotes an independent lifestyle. Social and Recreational programming that encourages networking and support, employability programs where members learn new skills and receive one on one coaching in their job search efforts and life skills that further enhance their quest for independence. Fundraising initiatives as well as government funding play an integral part in the success of the Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin. We promote and demonstrate the independent living philosophy by inviting the ongoing participation of people in the development and creation of our programs. Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin is a member driven organization that exists to enhance the lives of its members. We are committed to enhancing the health and wellness of our members and our community.


Direct Funding

Direct Funding is an innovative program enabling adults with physical disabilities to become employers of their own attendants. Attendants assist with routine activities of living, such as dressing, grooming and bathing. As employers, participants are fully responsible for managing their own employees within a budget that is developed on an individual basis.

Skills Development

 We provide a variety of training resources. We offer training in life skills for everyday living and we provide adaptive sports for our members to participate in. We also offer computer training to anyone who would like to learn and have lots of adaptive software to make computers easy to use.

Peer Support

Peer support is designed to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to share their knowledge and lived experiences. Peer Support also offers individuals the opportunity to reduce isolation, develop leadership skills, and give assistance to individuals in exercising their rights and responsibilities.

Information & Referral

We provide information to consumers and to the community on accessibility issues, programs and services that are available both locally and provincially. Learn about financial services, community partners, the Sudbury accessibility guide and facts on disabilities, and more.

Research & Community Development

We believe in an inclusive community and our Board of Directors and Staff work diligently to make this dream a reality in the Greater City of Sudbury. We are currently working closely with networks and committees to make this happen. Some committees are: 

  • Government Relations Committee

  • Seniors Community Network

  • Accessibility Advisory Council

  • Adaptive Sport Council

Learn about events happening in the Sudbury area, or you can learn the history of ILSM here.

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