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Welcome to The Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin


Congratulations on joining a very unique organization.  At Independent Living you will experience a warm and friendly environment where our dedicated staff  are here to make your visits an enjoyable experience.  

Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin established in 2002 is a member driven community organization.  Our mandate is to make a positive difference in the lives of people with disabilities, primarily through activities that break down personal and social barriers. These activities include supporting individuals with disabilities through peer-support, education, and leadership to encourage personal development, independence, and self-determination. ILSM promotes awareness and inclusion of people with disabilities to create a community in which “everybody belongs”.

Each year Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin continues to advance its mission of creating and sustaining opportunities for people with disabilities to overcome barriers and be part of an inclusive community through an independent lifestyle. Our vision is to continue to advance the Independent Living movement. 

Fundraising initiatives as well as government funding play an integral part in the success of the Independent Living Resource Centre. We promote and demonstrate the independent living philosophy by inviting the ongoing participation of people in the development and creation of the Centre’s programs. We offer a wide variety of programs free of charge to our members, like Life Skills and Educational Workshops, Computer Training, Self-Improvement Workshops, Employment Training, Literacy, Crime Prevention, Arts and Culture and Sports and Recreation.

The Independent Living Resource Centre Board of Directors, staff and members are committed to excellence, with a clear vision and a passion for delivering outstanding programs to encourage our members to become more independent. 
We look forward to seeing you at the Centre!


We Need Your Support Today!

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