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For International Women’s Day we would like to thank one of our long-time members, Kim Greene. Kim has been a member at ILSM since 2006 and is the current volunteer chair of fundraising. Kim represents a strong, independent leader within our organization and has been committed to supporting ILSM by her inclusion and support of members and her devotion to volunteering. Kim is known at ILSM as the “volunteer queen”. We had an opportunity to sit down with Kim this week to discuss International Women’s Day and what that means to her.

To Kim, being a woman means strength. She advises that all genders are equal and with being a woman comes strength. Kim believes that we can achieve anything we set our minds to. She states that we all should: “Be strong, as we are strong! Get out there and keep trying. If you want to be a firewoman or a policewoman, go for it!”

Kim believes ILSM represents International Women’s Day by their inclusive composition. She acknowledges the variety of individuals with varying backgrounds that are members of the organization and how diversity is accepted and encouraged. “The organization gets everybody together by doing things – presentations, workshops, you name it!”

All the staff, volunteers, and members at ILSM thank Kim for her dedication, commitment, and hard work within the organization. Kim you are a leader and an ideal representative of International Women’s Day!

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