+ Life Skills Workshop

Our Life Skills Workshops are designed to provide our participants with the tools and resources to enhance their knowledge of activities of daily living. Workshops are offered year round.

We are currently offering workshops in the following. You can view our Newsletter for more information, or contact the center. If you don't see what you're interested in, or you want to run a workshop yourself please let us know at 705-675-2121. We are always looking at adding new experiences for our members.

Literacy Personal Development Workshops
Nutrition Organizational and Social Skills
Music Conflict and Anger Management
Theatre Positive Self Esteem and Confidence
Legal Advice Time Management
Crime Prevention Stress Management

+ Adaptive Sports

At ILSM we believe that athletics are a major part of an independent healthy lifestyle. With the support of the Trillium Foundation we are pleased to offer an expanded adaptive sports program. As a member of Independent Living Sudbury Manitoulin, you can take advantage of free YMCA passes.

YMCA Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
When can I go to the YMCA? Anytime that ILSM is open.
What do I need to do to go to the YMCA? Due to YMCA policy, all ILSM members must be accompanied by an ILSM Staff member due to liability reasons. Please call (705) 675-2121 ext 210 for more details
What do I need to bring to go to the YMCA? If you are going swimming bring your bathing suit and towel. Wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt, track pants and indoor running shoes when working out or walking on the track.
What is there for me to do at the YMCA? Currently we walk on the track, lift weights or go swimming. In the future we hope to attend aquafit classes in the pool and play pickle ball or badminton. Check the ILSM activity calendar that comes with your newsletter to find out what activities are happening each day of the week.
Why should I go to the YMCA? There are many reasons why you should go to the YMCA and a few of them are:
  • Getting in shape and staying active
  • Play the sports that you enjoy
  • Hangout with friends and make new ones

+ Computer Training

Independent Living offers training to improve basic computer skills and to learn to use assistive technology software such as Kurzweil, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Text Help, and Inspiration. These programs assist users with their reading and writing skills.

We over assistance in basic computer skills, the internet, government websites, emnail, Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as online banking and resume creation.

The term "assistive technology" refers to all devices that increase the capacity of people with disabilities to function in all aspects of daily living, including work and leisure.

Inspiration Inspiration helps people of all ages to prioritize and organize thought processes and ideas. This is a visual learning tool that people can use for outlining, concept mapping, brainstorming, and organizing ideas
JAWS JAWS for Windows is a popular software program that was developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content.
Kurzweil Kurzweil is the leading reading, writing and learning solution for individuals of all ages. Kurzweil is a text to speech program. Kurzweil can scan and read books, magazines, newspapers, and text from the internet. Kurzweil is designed to enhance and assist with reading and writing skills.
Zoom Text Zoom Text is a software program designed to help people who have difficulty seeing what is on the computer screen. This program enlarges the screen size and reads text out loud.
Dragon Dragon is a speech recognition software program designed to enhance and assist with writing. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a speech to text program. After completing voice training individuals can speak into a microphone and Dragon Naturally Speaking will convert speech into a written format.