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New Accessibility Data Hub


To mark National AccessAbility Week, Statistics Canada in collaboration with Employment and Social Development Canada, is pleased to unveil the new Accessibility Data Hub.

This new portal provides users with a single point of access for a wide range of data and information related to accessibility.

Users can quickly and easily browse various key subtopics – including built environment, design and delivery of programs and services, employment information, communication technology and transportation – and access Statistics Canada’s latest data tables, analytical articles and infographics. The Hub also enables users to find external governmental data, as well as information about laws related to accessibility, and will be updated as new data becomes available.

We trust that your organization will find this new information useful and encourage you to share news of this new resource, as well as our social media content, with your network and followers. To receive information about our data releases as they are published, consider subscribing for regular updates through MyStatCan.

Thank you,

Engagement and Stakeholder Relations Division

Statistics Canada

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